About Industry Deals

Industry Deals is a B2B platform that connects buyers to manufacturers, suppliers, and logistics companies.

Who We Are?

Industry Deals helps everyone who uses the platform to meet their business needs, achieve their goals, and benefit each other. At Industry Deals, we believe there is a better, more effective and trustworthy way for businesses to connect and to achieve business results by sourcing the right products and controlling the supply chain, while creating better deals for every business. We're committed to facilitating this and our mission is to help businesses achieve their results. We focus on creating smooth dealings between businesses and ensuring everyone using our platform can achieve what they are aiming to.

We help buyers to find the right manufacturers and suppliers to deal with, buy wholesale or custom manufactured products, and control their supply chain by dealing with the best logistics company. We improve the visibility of manufacturers and suppliers so they can showcase their products, expand their sales, and reach new markets. We help logistics companies increase their business visibility, maximize their sales, build reliable relationships, and drive growth.


We strive to provide value to everyone and deliver our best in what we do.


We empower businesses and individuals to reach their goals.


We hold ourselves accountable and we provide reliable connections.