How Payment to a Supplier Works on Industry Deals

Every supplier has different payment policies according to their type of products and type of production. Paying for an item on Industry Deals is completely managed by the supplier.


Suppliers offer you their preferred payment methods within Industry Deals. The common payment methods include credit card, PayPal, Stripe, 2checkout, or VoguePay. The supplier can also offer cash on delivery or bank transfer. 


Mostly, suppliers who set a fixed-price for the items they sell will have a product catalog for each of their items to be sold as a wholesale product.

You can proceed with the payment of any product using the following steps:

o   Sign in to your Industry Deals account

o   Search for the product that you would like to buy and add that product to your cart.

o   When adding a product to your cart, you will see the notifications .  

o   Go to your cart and click checkout and you will be taken to your checkout page.

o   Enter the quantity you would like and enter your Delivery Address.

o   Choose one of the payment options and proceed with the given steps.

o   View your receipt and print it out.



Once you have purchased your product, you can track it in your Orders. If you want to know more about how buying works, you can read our article on Ways of Buying Wholesale Products from  Manufacturing Suppliers.