How to Search for and Browse Products on Industry Deals

You can find products on Industry Deals through searching or browsing, based on what you want to buy.


Searching for a Product


If you're in search of a specific product, using the search bar at the top of the page can help you find it quickly. Use the filter button and choose Product Catalogs and type in 2 or 3 descriptive words, for the product that you are looking for. Click on the search button and this will take you to a list of products that match the keywords you entered. Read these articles to learn how to use the search bar to look for suppliers and logistics service companies.


Browsing Products 


The simplest way to browse products is by using product categories on the Industry Deals homepage. Click on any category you would like to buy from and it will take you to a list of the Product Catalogs. Choose the subcategory and click on the product you want to buy.

The other way of looking for a product is to go directly to Product Catalogs and then use the filters on the left. Choose the product category and subcategories and then browse the products.

View Products as a List

By default, you will see the product catalogs in boxes and be able to see and browse the products in a list. Click on the list button at the top right to view the products in a different way.