Ways of Buying Wholesale Products by Manufacturing Suppliers on Industry Deals

Wholesale products in Industry Deals means suppliers can set a fixed-price for the products they want to sell. So, you can find a product catalog for each product to be sold wholesale.


The easiest way to buy on Industry Deals is by searching for a product and then clicking on the add to cart button and you will be taken to the checkout page. Enter the quantity you would like to buy, choose shipping information, and proceed to payment. To learn about payment options in Industry Deals and how it works, read this article.


It is important that you check the catalog of each product carefully, and read the product description, additional specifications, shipment details, and minimum order.  


When you locate the product catalog for the product you want to buy, add the quantity you want and choose from the options that are available for you.   Click on add to cart and you will be taken to your checkout page where you will need to enter your delivery address. Proceed with the payment. You can read more about how payment works.


We recommend that you contact the supplier before placing an order to discuss order and payment options. You can read more about contacting the supplier before placing an order in this article and learn how to contact a supplier.


If you cannot find the product you want, you can contact the suppliers for a custom-manufactured order. Click here to learn more about How Custom-Manufactured Products Buying Works.