How to Contact a Supplier on Industry Deals

Contacting a supplier on Industry Deals can be done easily through direct contact and sending a message. The first step of contacting any supplier is always searching for the right supplier for you.

Direct Contact  

When you find the supplier that you would like to work with, you can access the supplier profile page and read all the information they provide about themselves. Click on contact details and find the supplier's phone number and email address. You can also find the supplier's location when you click on map view. Note that you need to be signed in to view the supplier contact details.

By Sending a Message

You can initiate contact with any supplier by sending a message to them. You can also view your messages in your Buyer profile by going to Profile and then Messages.

Through messages you can discuss your project and order with the supplier and receive instant quotes.

Suppliers may need more information from you. Therefore, they may talk to you by phone or refer you to another method of communication to finalize your request for a quotation.