How to Know Products' Prices on Industry Deals

Product pricing may differ depending on the type of the product, order volume, as well as the supplier policy. So, when buying a product on Industry Deals consider that prices in Product Catalogs are for suppliers who set a fixed price for their products.

However, if you want a custom manufactured product, prices may change accordingly. Bear in mind that companies may charge you for additional services related to the production of your product. So, it is important to discuss all pricing details with your supplier. 

To understand the product prices on Industry Deals, you need to Search for Products and then click on the product page. On the product page, you will notice the price on the left box. However, the price you see is the price per unit and not a total price for your purchase or order. For example, if you intend to buy 10 tons of aluminum, the price will appear per ton and not per minimum order.

Minimum Order

Most suppliers and manufacturers do not accept orders under a certain amount and they include those details in the Additional Information tab on the product page.

It is also important to negotiate and contact your supplier to ask them about the minimum order requirements. These details are why you need to discuss buying from suppliers before placing orders.