Why Should I Contact Suppliers on Industry Deals Before Buying?

When you are searching for a product on Industry Deals and want to deal with the supplier for your project, it is important to contact the supplier before making any purchases.

Suppliers on Industry Deals provides a bulk buying option for the product that has a fixed price. The other option for buying is to manufacture your own products. However, for custom-manufactured products, you’ll need to discuss all the details of your project with your supplier, so you can get accurate quotes and better results. You can read more on how to order custom manufactured products on Industry Deals.

We encourage all buyers, whichever way they choose to buy, to
contact their supplier before doing any business to ensure they have comprehensive answers to the questions below. The answers to these questions will be a fundamental point of selecting who you are going to deal with and how you are going to partner together. 


1.     What is the minimum order?

Most suppliers have a minimum order and if the supplier you want to deal with didn’t include the minimum order on their product description, it is important that you ask them about it. Subject to the industry that your supplier works in and the product type that the supplier offers or the manufacturing capacity of the supplier, the amount of minimum order may differ. This question will also make you consider your future orders with the supplier and it is important to discuss them as well, so that you understand the implication of dealing with that supplier for your business if they can supply with the amount you need in case of future expansion.


2.     What is the total cost of the entire order and do they have a volume discount?

The cost of the order may include the price of the products, shipments and other services the supplier may offer. It is important that you ask the supplier for an FOB, or Free On Board, which means the charge of product to be delivered to the nearest port. 

The total cost is also dependent on your project and the supplier you want to deal with. Usually, suppliers offer a volume discount and price breaks for large orders and they may issue a coupon for you to use on Industry Deals. By asking them this question, you may re-arrange or merge your orders to save more, depending on your budget.

Suppliers are the product and market experts and it is highly recommended that you ask them under what circumstances the prices will change. Try to get as much information as possible because every product has a different case.


3.     What are the payment terms?

Every supplier has different payment terms and it depends on the industry they are in or their own payment policies.  Some suppliers may provide credit terms, but others may request cash on delivery (COD), or pre-payment with a check, bank transfer or credit card before you make an order. You can also read more on payment options on Industry Deals.


4.      Do you offer a liability insurance certificate?

Most manufacturers and industrial suppliers are able to offer a liability insurance certificate in case of any issue related to your products. Once you order your products from them, try to ask for proof of it and ensure that it covers your requirements and update that yearly. 

We encourage you to contact the supplier immediately when having any problem related to your order and purchases. Please note that Industry Deals do not supervise or handle in any way the production, operational processes or shipments of any supplier, but you may ask Industry Deals to step in and you can read this article to find out When Can I Ask Industry Deals to Step In? and What sort of
Supplier Verification Does Industry Deal Carry Out?

5.     What other services and products do you offer?

It is important to understand exactly what your supplier is offering—you may not need some services and products that you do not know that your supplier is offering, and this will save you time and money.