How RFQ's Works On Industry Deals on Industry Deals

RFQ means Request for Quotation. You can request an RFQ in Industry Deals when you need to have a logistics service or when you need custom manufacturing for any product. 

Requesting a quotation for a logistics service

If you would like to deal with a logistics services company, you can search the Logistics Services page and look for companies listed on Industry Deals and find the company you want to deal with. Click on the company name and access their page. Fill in the form of Request Services Quotes to get a price quotation for your project. The company may need to contact you for more information and send you a quote to the contact details you have provided.

Requesting a quotation for a custom-manufactured product

If you need a quote for a custom-manufactured product, you need to contact the company by searching Suppliers Directory page and find the supplier you would like to contact. You can click on the messages button and request a quotation, or you could search the products catalog and access the product page. You can find the messages button on the page and send a message to request a quotation.