How and When Industry Deals Steps In?

Industry deals is a safe place to meet suppliers and logistics companies, to agree on sourcing products and services. All members should follow our policies, and if you have an issue with a buyer or a company listed on Industry Deals that is not following our rules, let us know about it, and we will get back to you.


When buying on Industry Deals, it is important to know that suppliers and logistics companies are fully managing their buying and payments process. We are very sure that suppliers and logistics companies do their best to resolve any issue related to your order. But, when there is a dispute between you and the company you dealt with that is listed on Industry Deals, you could ask us to step in.  We will review the details of the issue, and resolve it between you and the company, within 72 hours.


We always recommend that you resolve your issue with the company before asking us to step in. You should not ask us to step in unless you have discussed the issue with your company, and took more than 30 days after placing an order. Be noted that we will not resolve any sort of buying or communication issues that were not done, or done partly, on Industry Deals.


If you have an issue with any supplier or logistics services company, you can reach our team by sending us a support ticket. Go to your Profile > Support and then, Create Ticket. Write a title for the ticket, explain your issue, and click on create. Our team will make their best to support you and have the best experience.

If you ask us to step in, we'll review your dispute and resolve within 72 hours, and it could take more time if we need to have more information. Once a decision has been made, you and the company will know about it.