How to Pay for Logistics Services on Industry Deals

When you search for a logistics company or a logistics service on Industry Deals, you will come across logistics companies’ profiles, and request for a quotation for your project. The logistics company will review your order and then, contact you through Industry Deals, or make a direct contact on the contact information that you provide.  Once that is done, you need to pay for the company, or may discuss the payment terms more.


Every Logistics company has a different sort of payment terms, and it depends on the industry they are in, or their own payment policies. But in general, all payments to logistics companies do not occur through Industry Deals, and companies will provide you with the payment method they prefer.


Some logistics companies may require pre-payment with a check, bank transfer, or credit card, before you make an order. It is highly recommended that you discuss these terms with the company you would like to deal with.