Pine Solid Wood Flooring

Price : $30.00 /Square Meter
Min 1 | Max 100000
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A fabulous natural product with genuine natural touch. Because of the powerful finishing process, this flooring has been finished to be very hard for any scrapes and cuts on the exterior, causing this product to be perfect for any pets or kids. Each board has a width of 125mm. The total thickness of the panels is 18mm thick. The length of each board will differ between 300-1200mm as this item comes in different lengths letting you place the flooring. 



Size & Dimensions

Thickness: 18 mm- Width: 120 mm



Minimum Supply

1000 Square Meters/ Month

Maximum Supply

100000 Square Meters / Month

Payment Terms
PayPal, Visa through Industry Deals or Wire transfer. Please contact us before purchasing.

Return Policy

Please write to us if you require a refund against a purchase you have made.

We will refund your payment in the following cases:

If the item is not received by you within 25 days from date of order (subject to correct information received from the customer)

If the item received by you is defective or not useable.

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