Four Way Wooden Pallet

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Price : $10.00 /Pallet
Min 1 | Max 50000
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We are dedicated to produce and provide an outstanding quality of Four Way Wooden Pallets. They built to be suitable for storing, they are tougher than two-way pallets as they have stringers, these are panels that control the distance of the pallet, upper and base of each wooden block, as well as through the width.



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Minimum Supply

100 Pallets / Month

Maximum Supply

50000 Pallets / Month

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PayPal, Visa through Industry Deals or Wire transfer. Please contact us before purchasing.

Refund Policy
We will refund your payment in the following cases:

If the item is not received by you within 25 days from date of order (subject to correct information received from the customer)

If the item received by you is defective or not useable.

If you have not received the correct item

Lead Time

7 days