Blue Silica Gel

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The Blue Silica Gel is a semi-transparent glossy element, comprising Cobalt Chloride a heavy metal salt. is the best product to absorb moisture gradually when revealed to environment.  This product is ISO 9001:2000 qualified. Our product specifications are ASSAY (as SiO2) is 97 -99 %, pH, 6-7, Bulk Density is 0.600 - 0.700 gm/cc, Loss on Drying % is < 6, Adsorption Capacity at 100 % humidity is 30 -40 %, Friability is 99.5, Choloride (as Nacl) is 0.4 ppm, Sulpates (Na2SO4), 0.5 ppm, Amonium (NH3), NIL, Chemical Formula SiO2+H2O+CoCl2.



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10000 Ton / Month


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