Precast Lightweight MGO Hollow Core Wall Panel

Price : $30.00 /Square Meter
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Our custom concrete panels will let you easily build walls fast  to encounter your desires. They can be fit parallel between steel poles or instead be used vertically by staying cast into a concrete foundation block. These panels are very strong comparing to reinforced panels. Any other materials can be supplied with the panels .

Size & Dimensions

Thickness: 100 mm -250mm, Length: Up to 6500mm, Height:  500mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm

Minimum Supply

200 Square Meters

Payment Terms

PayPal, Visa through Industry Deals or Wire transfer. Please contact us before purchasing.

Return / Refund Policy

Please write to us if you require a refund against a purchase you have made.

We will refund your payment in the following cases:

If the item is not received by you within 25 days from date of order (subject to correct information received from the customer)

If the item received by you is defective or not useable.

If you have not received the correct item

Lead Time

15 days after payment